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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Is this a word yet? I'm sure it's got to be a concept already.

Yes, I know, it's ironic talking about this on a blog, but I suppose it's one of the things I would be giving up.

To erase your online identity. Or at least delete your web 2.0 networking sites. Delete the MySpace, the Flickr, the Blog itself. Cyber Suicide.

It's not just deleting yourself, your thoughts, your images, your music, but deleting your contacts. Removing yourself from a network - especially when you feel that network has rejected you.

How far do you go? Delete your email address? Your ILX account? Your Yahoo account? Can you actually withdraw, can you actually go without it? I'm not sure I can. I know it's an addiction, a compulsion, and I know it isn't necessarily very good for me.

A week and a half without internet, and so much of my moodswings stablised. Or maybe that was not having to go to work - then again, so much of my work time is wasted on the interweb. The interweb creates the illusion that you aren't isolated. But this is both blessing and curse. Sometimes it can be a reminder of just how isolated you are.

I'm not saying that I'm doing it. It's just something I'm thinking about.