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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Pattern

It's weird, though, isn't it - The Pattern?

My brain is always making patterns, spotting connections - that's what makes me such a good mathematician.

I can see the way my brain was working yesterday, and I can see the conclusions that I drew. But working from a completely wrong-headed premise.

It's such an easy pattern to fall into:

-all through teenage years, boys preferred my glamourous sister or my beautiful girlfriend to me
-in more recent years, my last only mutual ILX crush came to London to meet me, only to get off first with friend E and then with friend H
-getting totally lead on by L, thinking we were getting into a relationship, only to have him go off with A
-last night, another friend confessed that he had a huge crush on a mutual friend. (Yes, the same mutual friend that *all* my male friends (and some of my female friends) have crushes on, and insist on telling *me* about)

Then PBW goes home with Friend of a Friend and I go "WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, boys never like me, they ignore me to go off with my friends!" and get short circuited into that learned mode of behaviour. When I never meant to be on that track to start with.

CBT, isn't it marvellous?


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